Programma van Vrijdag 6 november
Programma [i]under developement[/i]

als iedereen er is kunnen wij beginnen - de tijdsplan zal iet ...
3-11-2009 at 12:26
by: gabe2001
Lijst van racers (edit 5 nov)
In deze post hou ik de lijst van racers bij die meedoen:
edit: if you build it, they will come ;) - ...
3-11-2009 at 12:22
by: gabe2001
Impromptu M1 race @ Hotslot, Vrijdag 6 november
3-11-2009 at 11:37
by: gabe2001
Toronto Worlds 2009 are over and I'm almost back to a normal rhythm of day and night. Mundane chore ...
4-8-2009 at 20:54
by: gabe2001
...and the winner is....
31-7-2009 at 01:30
by: gabe2001
PanAm Plafit Championship
Hello and good day from Toronto - Thursday, Plafit PanAm day...

Not much time to hack away at the ...
30-7-2009 at 15:18
by: gabe2001
Production ProAm - just the pics - I'm very tired
Random built groups for the 1:24 Production PanAm championship:

Group C:
30-7-2009 at 00:20
by: gabe2001
Wednesday - 2nd day section of the Endurance Worlds
29-7-2009 at 14:51
by: gabe2001
Endurance Worlds - Toronto 2009
We're just back from dinner and about to get going with the LMP race. Not much time (=no time) to u ...
28-7-2009 at 23:09
by: gabe2001
Timmmieeeeeeeeeeeee's posting...
28-7-2009 at 19:48
by: gabe2001
Canadian Grand Prix
and the flag has dropped for the Canadian Grand Prix.
GT cars are the first to run the 8 x 5'

< ...
28-7-2009 at 17:55
by: gabe2001
Happy Birthday Tamar!
It would be most excellent if we could celebrate your birthday in Toronto!
28-7-2009 at 16:50
by: gabe2001
Plafit PanAm - Getting to know Fola's car
28-7-2009 at 16:22
by: gabe2001
Tuesday - Endurance Worlds
Good morning from Toronto - Endurance day (and night and day) ;)

Just getting settled here and st ...
28-7-2009 at 15:14
by: gabe2001
1/24 Sprint Championship - F430
This is the line up for the 1/24 Sprint Championship:

28-7-2009 at 00:52
by: gabe2001
Gabe (yes me :)) on pole - F430 - Metris Mk IV
27-7-2009 at 23:20
by: gabe2001
Monday 16:00 - the flag has dropped
27-7-2009 at 20:31
by: gabe2001
BRM test rollout
Here's BRM's Francesco Seren (white shirt) letting his car see the track.

27-7-2009 at 16:58
by: gabe2001
F430 Scrutineering
27-7-2009 at 16:54
by: gabe2001
Toronto Worlds 2009
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Torrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrontooooooooooooooo

27-7-2009 at 12:39
by: gabe2001
Porsche 997 Flying Lizard LM 2007
16-3-2009 at 20:31
by: gabe2001
dude - patience is a virtue :)

I'd love to resurrect one of my NASCAR's - specially the one wit ...
10-3-2009 at 11:04
by: gabe2001
Porsche 997 Flying Lizard LM 2007
quite a paint job challenge! looking forward to see the finished car in Hamburg!
10-3-2009 at 10:55
by: gabe2001
tyre truer
@slotstormer - Bleck Center sells sanding drums:

19-2-2009 at 12:52
by: gabe2001
home track
nice track - where are you located? just in case I'm on vacation in Portugal and can't be without ...
22-1-2009 at 15:25
by: gabe2001
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