Bentley GT3 on a crash diet
Hello Guys

I've copied this topic over from my posts on Slotforum as
A: my pictures are ...
21-8-2018 at 20:50
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Start Grid GT3 race 1
The GT3 grid @ Suzuka, 5 minutes before the start of the race

Troublesome Attachments
Dear Scale Sports Car fans
After bringing Lazarus back to life..it seems that somewhere somehow the ...
15-8-2018 at 20:06
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I totally agree with you Sven. I think this is actually the most important topic of all the discussi ...
11-8-2018 at 09:17
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Motor GT-Am
Hello. Kamil
You English is perfectly understandable and your position as the Czech delegate on thi ...
11-8-2018 at 09:08
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E mail from Gerard, Mission for Delegates
[i]This post is a copy of the e-mail Gerard has send to all delegates on 11 august 2018[/i]

Dea ...
11-8-2018 at 09:01
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Motor GT-Am
No I'm the blind guy for not seeing its gone missing after an edit to my post.
Will attach PDF rig ...
10-8-2018 at 14:46
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Definitions: a growing list
I see that several members have started using definitions.
Whenever a definition comes up in the di ...
10-8-2018 at 13:01
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Motor GT-Am
In the [url=http://most-open.simplesite.com/440281013]ISRA World Championship 1/32 Hardbody rules[/u ...
10-8-2018 at 12:16
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Width (Axles & Body)
[b]Dear Delegates
As you may have noticed I have added a reference and a link to the ISRA 1/32 Hard ...
10-8-2018 at 08:59
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Confused?...you won't be..after the next episode
Hello guys
Just a quick note
Everybody (including me) has to get used on how to use this forum. It ...
10-8-2018 at 06:34
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Have a question or need help on how to use the forum? post here
Hello all
Although most fora look alike and most use the same kind of BB code to post..
...Each f ...
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About this section: Read first
In this section of the forum we will post topics that require your vote.

You can only submit one ...
8-8-2018 at 20:53
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Presence of Producer Delegates unanimously accepted
On 8 august 14:04 Gérard Caupene mailed all delegates the following

[i]I think we have achieved ...
8-8-2018 at 20:31
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About this forum, read first
This forum is to can be used to introduce, nominate delegates and for general discussions on the top ...
8-8-2018 at 20:15
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Organization: Producer/ Manufacturer Delegates vote
The proposal is to invite 6 (or more) Producers/Manufacturers of Slot cars and/or Slot car parts to ...
8-8-2018 at 18:32
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Width (Spur) poll
What would your vote be on the max width of the axle (including wheels)

Please use this topic to ...
8-8-2018 at 12:10
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Width (Axles & Body)
In the [url=http://most-open.simplesite.com/440281013]ISRA World Championship 1/32 Hardbody rules[/u ...
8-8-2018 at 12:05
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