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     Races and Events: The Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital
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posted on 31-10-2018 at 00:31 Reply With Quote
The Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital

Double Dutch Digital racing in the Low Lands
For the 5th time the SRC Eindhoven will host the Dutch Digital event on the renowned Low Lands Suzuka Ninco track in their spacious club on the Sint Odulphusstraat 2b, 5682 AB Best, the Netherlands. As in 2018 the event will sport a double feature with GT3 racing on the saturday and the Suzuka 6hrs WEC endurance on sunday.
If you want an impression of the Suzuka Double Digital event, here's a link to the video of the 2018 event

The Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital is a perfect opportunity for all slotracers on the Northern European continent to try Oxigen racing in an Endurance format and has become the place for the digital regulars to test their cars in  preparation for the Oxygen Le Mans 24hrs in Henley in Arden.
New teams that would like to make to their debut in digital slot racing will be required to attend Saturdays practice session to familiarize themselves with the track and its digital features.The organisation can provide technical assistance and has several controllers available for rent, should new teams require them.

Suzuka 6hrs WEC, Prologue to the Oxigen Le Mans 24hrs:
With the Suzuka 6hrs run under the same DiSCA WEC Sports Cars rules as used for the Oxigen LM 24hrs, it has proven itself as the perfect oppertunity for teams to test their cars for "the Big one". With its banked corners and elevation changes the Suzuka track will bring different challenges for the teams in both set up and strategy.
Although most teams adapted their cars for Suzuka it was interestring to see that the top 5 at Suzuka all did score good results in the Le Mans 24hrs.
With free practice staring on Friday afternoon there will be plenty of time for teams to check out the track and set-up...or not...time flies when you're having fun.

With a length of 50m and 4 race lanes there's always plenty of traffic on the Suzuka track

WEC 6hrs Endurance Hand out Materials
Teams will be hand out 1 motor at random (Flat-6 or MX-16) These motors have been tested, matched and run in by Should in the unlikely occasion a motor be defective, teams will recieve a new one from the organisation.
Teams will be hand out 2 pairs of N18 and 2 pairs of F22 at random. Both compounds must be used during the main race. Hand outs will be available on Saturday after registering at the race control.
Although teams are free to run their own motors and tyres (of the same type and or compound) during free practice we advise teams to mount their handouts before the end of free practice. This way you'll be able to hit the ground running on Sunday morning. If you use this option you will have to place the parts in the Parc Ferme overnight (can also be the whole car, chassis or pod with motor rear axle and wheels)

Start grid of the 2018 WEC 6hrs race

Suzuka GT3 Support race
As in 2018 the DiSCA GT3 cars with teams of either two or three drivers, will kick off the event on Saturday from 09:00 till 14:00hrs.
There will be one 60 min. Timed Practice session and two 90 min. races with one mandatory pitstop of 1 minute duration.
Full Disca GT3 rules will apply for the Suzuka support race.

Start grid of the 2018 DiSCA GT3 support race

Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital Time Table
Friday 25 januari 2019
14:00 - 22:00 Free Practice WEC & GT3

Saturday 26 januari 2019: DiSCA GT3 / WEC 6hrs Suzuka Free Practice

DiSCA GT3 Sprint race
08:30 Doors open,
09:00 Driver's briefing.
09:15 Registration Controller & ID check.
09:30 Timed Practice (60 mins)
10:35 Tech inspection and Rostrum position choice based on best time from timed practice.
10.55 Line up Grid Race 1
11.00 Start Race 1 (90 mins)
12.30 Intermission
13:00 Tech inspection Race 2
13:25 Line up Grid Race 2
13.30 Start Race 2 (90 mins)
WEC 6hrs Suzuka Practice
15:00 - 19:00 Free practice/ Registration/ Hand out materials, controller/chip check & pairing
(note: handout parts must be back in the Parc Fermé by 19:15)
19:15 Close Club
19:30 - 22:00 Diner & Award ceremony GT3

Sunday 27 januari 2019, WEC Suzuka 6 hrs Endurance
08:30 - 09:30 Free Practice for teams that did not participate in Saturday’s WEC Practice session
Hand out race motor & tyres, controller/chip check & pairing
Release cars/parts from Parc ferme. of teams that attended Saturday’s WEC Practice session
09:35 - 09:45 Racebriefing
09:50 - 11:30 Timed Qualification & Technical Inspection
11:35 - 11:50 Concourse & Team photo’s, Driver Rostrum selection based on qualification result.
11:50 - 11:55 Grid formation
12:00 - 18:00 WEC Suzuka 6 hrs Endurance
18:15 - 18:30 Award ceremony .

Driver rostrum during the 2018 Suzuka 6hrs with room for 15 driver positions .

Entries & Registration:
Teams that want to enter this event will be able to apply via the online entry form. (see link at the bottom of the post)
The Registration for the 2019 event will open on Nov 1st and will close on Nov 25th.
On Nov 26th the Src Eindhoven will select 15 teams that will be accepted for the 6hrs WEC race, with a further 4 applications to be placed on a reserve list. For the selection of the teams previous participation and status of payment of entry fees will be amongst the selection criteria.

Entry fees will be €80 for the WEC race and an additional €20 p/team for the GT3 support race
Accepted entries are required to have payed their entry fee in full by December 1st, in case of non payment the first team on the reserve list will be granted an entry etc etc.
Final instructions, including the final entry list, firmware for chip and controller, and any travel considerations will be issued to team captains on Jan 5th.

I will be more than happy to answer any "international" queries here on the forum or via PM.
You can also follow the developments for the Suzuka Double Digital event via the SRC EIndhoven Facebook page

On behalf of the Src Eindhoven
with kind regards


Click on the link to go to the online registration form
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posted on 27-11-2018 at 02:49 Reply With Quote


Hello Slotters, its just two months to the start of the 5th edition of the Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital.I'm very proud and pleased to be able to post the provisional entry list for the 2019 event. So far we've received 13 team registrations with 11 teams firmly securing their place on the grid by paying their registration fees in full. Although there will undoubtly be some changes amongst the cars and drivers in the coming months, it looks like we're going to have a very interesting and representative grid. With no less than 7 GT's, 3 LM P2's, 2 LM P1's and a special Garage 56 entry. We've got new cars making their first on track apearance in every class.
Here's a quick preview.

With seven entries the Grand Tourismo's have become the most popular class in the WEC. The 2019 Suzuka grid sporting a wide variety of makes, Porsche will be represented by two teams, with Racing for England switching over from LMP2 and Road Kings opting to give their Danish drivers some the track time in their Pink Pig. DiSCA regulars North Staff returns once more with their trusted SRT Viper as do Dutch Slipstream with their 2018 F488 and Src Eindhoven locals 50+ with their Bentley Continental.
For their return to Digital racing the German ProSpeed team have chosen the Corvette C7R, most likely a combination of a NSR body with a 3DP ProSpeed chassis. Last but not least, Mission#8 is working flat out to give their all new BMW M8 GTE its first run @ Suzuka with a BMW M6 GTE as plan B.

By claiming pole and 3 of the top 4 spots overall during the Rockingham 6 hrs, its safe to say that the LMP2 class is finally starting to fulfill its performance potential. A year later than originally planned Racing for Belgium will pitch its SV Workz Oreca against the British Pescarolo's of Sportscarazing and Hopeful Six.
Besides expected fireworks with an in class battle these teams will definitely form a big challenge for the GT's and it would not surprise me if they got a good shot at gunning for overall honors as well.

They say you need just two horses to have a race, which is exactly what the sole two LM P1's on the grid are going to provide. What they lack in quantity they make up in quality. Rockingham's Toyota LM P1 has been a leading factor in the class for many years. Their TS030 finally broke its duck @ the Rock Bull WEC race. In what will most likely be the TS030's last race (before switching to the TS050 for the LM 24hrs) they'll be challenged by the new "Hybrid Racing" Peugeot 908 LMP1. This GRP bodied Peug with a 3DP chassis prepared by Kim Maslak will be driven by the dutch squad of Road Kings drivers as part of their preparation for the Le Mans 24hrs. Expect multiple LM winner Sebastiaan van Altena pulling the trigger for pole and top honors.

Garage 56
The Nissan Zeod has been a pet project of both Steven Verelst (SV Workz) and Stefan Kievit (S-Slot). Last but not least we're very happy to welcome a absolutely unique car, so unique in fact the we've created a seperate class for it...Garage 56. As the only car to have lapped the 1/1 Le Mans circuit on electric power, the 1/32nd Deltawing will have no problems doing so over and over again. Clad in white this could very well be the "dark horse" of the Suzuka 6 hrs.

1RockinghamGBLM P15  Toyota TS030 #5, 2013paid
2HybridRacingNLLM P17  Peugeot 908, 2011
3Racing for BelgiumBLM P22  Oreca03, Boutsen Ginion, 2013paid
4Sportscarazing GBLM P23  Pescarolo, Oak Racing 35 2010paid
5Hopeful SixGBLM P26  Pescecarolo 02paid
6SV Workz - Garage 56BGAR5614  Nissan Zeod RC,paid
7Mission 8NLLM GT8  BMW M8 GTE, 2018paid
8RoadKingsDKLM GT11  Porsche 911 RSR, Pink Pig, 2018paid
950+NLLM GT12  Bentley Continental GT3, 2014paid
10North StaffsGBLM GT13  SRT Viper, No 93, 2013paid
11Racing For EnglandGBLM GT14  Porsche 991, 2017paid
12SlipStreamNLLM GT15  Ferrari 488, 2017paid
13ProSpeedDELM GT16  Corvette C7R, 2015

So that's it for now, 13 registrations, just two more places open on the grid after which we'll be adding Teams to the reserve list.
But, as I mentioned before, this list with its car ID's is stil provisional, depending on registration fee's being due for some teams by Dec 1st.
Looking forward to see you all in Januari 2019

on behalf of the SRC Eindhoven
with kind regards

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posted on 28-11-2018 at 00:01 Reply With Quote

Provisional Entry list update
As of Nov 28 we can add another LMP1 to the provisional entry list.
Steven Schrey, Lode Schrey and Dirk Machiels of the Belgium club Slotracefriends have secured the "old" Racing for Belgium AMR DB1 for the Suzuka 6hrs WEC race.
A previous race winning car, not a bad way to make your digital debut.

1RockinghamGBLM P15  Toyota TS030 #5, 2013paid
2HybridRacingNLLM P17  Peugeot 908, 2011
3 SlotracefriendsBLM P19  AMR Lola DB1, 2010
4Racing for BelgiumBLM P22  Oreca03, Boutsen Ginion, 2013paid
5Sportscarazing GBLM P23  Pescarolo, Oak Racing 35 2010paid
6Hopeful SixGBLM P26  Pescecarolo 02paid
7SV Workz - Garage 56BGAR5614  Nissan Zeod RC,paid
8Mission 8NLLM GT8  BMW M8 GTE, 2018paid
9RoadKingsDKLM GT11  Porsche 911 RSR, Pink Pig, 2018paid
1050+NLLM GT12  Bentley Continental GT3, 2014paid
11North StaffsGBLM GT13  SRT Viper, No 93, 2013paid
12Racing For EnglandGBLM GT14  Porsche 991, 2017paid
13SlipStreamNLLM GT15  Ferrari 488, 2017paid
14ProSpeedDELM GT16  Corvette C7R, 2015

on behalf of the SRC Eindhoven
with kind regards

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posted on 7-1-2019 at 02:39 Reply With Quote


Sunset @ Suzuka

Hello Slotters, just three weeks till the Suzuka Double Digital event, time for a final update.

Not much news to report on the team and cars front, from what has been posted here and on social media.

Everybody is still very busy finishing their cars, besides Road Kings who's Pink Pig Porsche has raced before in Denmark

and North Staffs who have been racing their Vipers...for ever 

Mission 8 has decided to run the M6 instead of the 8 which was running late, no surprises there.


Picture of the M6 GTLM testing @ Suzuka  maybe their car will be finished in time..maybe not

Last bit of team news is about the latest piece of 3d modeling by SV works, no no no ... not the picture below of the nicely painted (not rendered) Nissan Zeod's... idiots...the true team work result of Stevan Verelst & his partner is their daughter Feline, born on Dec 20th 2018. Our congratulations to the whole family.



More news

Got some firmware versions for you to note down that we will be using for the event. ( see text further down this post)

Got the final ID numbers for your cars so you can pre pair them with your controllers and hit the ground running as you arrive In Best.

With most teams having entered 1 car in both races (GT3 on Saturday and WEC on Sunday ) it makes sense to issue and use the same ID Nrs per team for both races.

We will provide paper stickers to apply the ID's on the cars.

Having one ID nr per team will also keep the teams from running multiple cars during free practice (unless they run 'm in tandem)


Our treasurer was most happy to be able to report that all entry fees have been received in full, a big thank you as this helps a lot with pre financing the costs the Src Eindhoven makes for this event.

Our treasurer was less happy to report that almost nobody has bothered to pay the €30 p/p for the Saturday diner reservations.

Now part of that unhappiness was entirely my bad, as I had communicated that the costs were going to be €25 p/p. but still..just a few of you have transferred that amount.

I guess the fear of missing out on the race was greater than missing out on a nice social dinner, which is your loss as we'll be heading for the top local Oriental place with 2hrs of all you can eat.

BTW for the non Oriental lovers, they also serve steak ;)" alt="wink.png" style="border: 0px; vertical-align: middle; cursor: pointer; max-width: 100%;" />

So come on guys, if you want to eat together make that PayPal transfer to secure your place at the table before Jan 15th.


Same stuff as usual it? well maybe not..

Most of the guys that will read this news here on SF have become Suzuka regulars, so you know the drill. Even the photographer (Theo vd Hurk, the Dutch John Soden) mentioned that he would not know how to shoot the event differently. This kept sticking in the back of my mind for some days, so I discussed it with Stefan Kievit yesterday and we've come up with something new:

Over the track from the land of the rising sun..we'll have the sun set during the last hrs of the Sunday 6hrs WEC race.

Beware oh Ye who's lights only burn to satisfy the digital rules, for on Jan 27 you might actually need them to spot thou car., don't worry it won't be pitch black like at Le Mans, it will be more like dusk after the sunset, the overhead track lightning will be turned off in the final hour(s) of the Suzuka WEC race.

Just enough to give the atmosphere that little bit extra for the finish of what looks like its going to be an other great event.

Looking forward to see you all again.


Just to make sure everybody gets it right: No night running during Saturday's GT3 races, full 2019 DiSCA GT3 rules apply meaning you only need headlights.

We will have a "night" session at the end of Saturday's WEC free practice session so you can get acclimatized with the track in darkened atmosphere .

Team Entry list & ID numbers for the Suzuka 6hrs WEC race

Just two changes here, Mission 8 has swapped ID numbers with SV Workz and will now run with ID #14, while the Zeod will be able to have at least one Zero on her sides while running with ID #10




Firmware versions for the Suzuka Double digital event (GT3 & WEC)

All Controllers: 3.03

Dongel: 3.10

A & B chips:  no longer supported as they can't be updated to v3 firmware.

B1 chips: 3.02

B2/C & C1 chips: 0302 via nFR toolbox


Dinner reservations for the Suzuka Saturday night event

Paypall transfer of €30 (as a friend) to before Jan 15th, 2019

Eindhoven Airport Shuttle service

As has become custom we do our best (pun intended) to pick up teams arriving on Friday afternoon @ Eindhoven airport and shuttle them to the club in Best.

Those of you who would like to make use of this me via PM, facebook or email with your travel itenaries.

On behalf of the Src Eindhoven.

with kind regards


With kind regards
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