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1998: Pan #44
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The 98 GTR incorporated the lessons it learned in its debut year and returned to the tracks as a much longer and sleeker Batmobile.

To improve the weight distribution and mechanical grip the GTR had a 40 mm wider track and 100 mm increased wheelbase.
More downforce was created by adding a front splitter and extending the body's front and rear overhang.

A lower roofline created a cleaner airflow to the rear spoiler which was also moved back another 100 mm. Great efforts had been made to improve the (cooling) airflow to the motor.
But as it remained tucked away deep inside the Carbon chassis, overheating still remained a problem.

In 98 the level of competition in sportscar racing reached an absolute high, but the GTR managed to hold its own against the likes of Porsche and Mercedes.
In the FIA GT, the Dams Panoz regularly finished in the points and twice on the podium. In the US 2 GTR's were run in the Professional Sportscar Series by Panoz Motorsport, without its main rivals it took both team and driver titles.

Confident that this time they would succeed 2 GTR's were entered for Le Mans, but during the Pre Qualifications it became clear that the GT goalposts had been moved again. The new prototypes from Porsche and Toyota improving 6 seconds faster on the 97 pole time.
During the race only one GTR survived 24hrs finishing in 7th place.

Panoz GTR (LM 1998):
Length: 4520 mm, Width: 1990 mm, Height: 1010 mm, Wheelbase: 2750 mm Tyres: Michelin, Wheels BBS 18'

Panoz Q9 Hybrid (LM 1998):
Length: 4520 mm, Width: 1990 mm, Height: 1010 mm, Wheelbase: 2750 mm Tyres: Michelin, Wheels BBS 18inch

Models for Panoz GTR 98
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Sakatsu LM 98 Visteon 1/24 99.9x82.5x40.0 99.9 81.0 82.0

Resin Curbside Kit.

As with all Sakatsu kits; Near perfect bodylines and finish.
Lot of detail, but expensive and hard to get.


One piece Resin body with separate one piece Underbody, Lexan windows, Photo-etched and turned aluminium parts.
Turned aluminium hweels with rubber tyres.Decal sheets and reference photo's.

Slotcar conversion remarks
Heavy Resin body need to take out a lot of material. Best to reinforce the body with GFK.
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