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1983: Martini #04
1983: Martini #05
1983: Martini #06
1984: BP #06
1984: Martini #04
1984: Martini #05
1985: Martini #04
1985: Martini #05
1985: Martini #05 Spa
1985: Martini #155
1990: Muss #54
1991: Vene #15
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Lancia's first entry under the new Group C rules was the ill born LC1.
Basicly a devellopment of the old lightweight Group 6 barchetta fitted with a roof, its 1.4 turbo engine was hopelessly outclassed by the Porsches.
To take them on Lancia needed a much bigger engine, bigger than any engine available.

For 1983 Lancia returned the more powerfull and better handling LC-2. As with the Stratos of the 1970s, Ferrari was picked as an engine supplier.
The engine was based on the 32 valve V8 engine used in the 308 QV, downsized to displace 2.65 litres and fitted with two KKK turbo's.

Responsible for the chassis design was Gianpaulo Dallara. Designed much along the lines of the LC1's body, the LC2 body was made from carbon-fibre and kevlar. Mounted low in the nose was a big radiator to cool the engine. Each side-pod was fitted with an intercooler to cool the hot air from the turbos. A sophisticated ground effects underbody was fitted to create additional downforce.

Livered completely in white with Martini stripes, the LC2 looked good and quick right away. It proved just that at its first 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1983
Models for Lancia LC2
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Modeler's Lancia LC2 '85LM 1/24 0.0x0.0x0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Protar Lancia LC2 WSC 83 1/24 99.9x80.0x41.0 99.9 76.0 80.0
Tamiya Lancia LC 2 WSC 85 1/24 99.9x83.0x40.7 99.9 83.0 83.0

This Protar curbside kit features the first "narrow" version of the LC2 as raced in the FIA WSC 83.
It contains very few parts, very thick body parts (probably so the metal version could be produced in the same mould), no engine, bad tires, undersize front wheels, difficult decals and some serious shape problems. But.......

It is the only kit available of an "early" LC2 and with some work (as seen on the model built by Antony Calderici) it can be made into a very nice model

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