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1998: JB #03
1998: Momo #03
1999: JB #29
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Ferrari's 333 sp was the first Prancing horse born as a sportsprototype after 3 decades.
The 333sp rejuvinated sportscar racing after the dimised of the Group C and WSC era and formed the backbone of the ISRS and IMSA races throughout the nineties.
Winning races on both sides of the Atlantic, most memorable victories were those in the 1995 and 98 Daytona 24 hrs, but an overall win at Le Mans always remained out of reach.

Designed for IMSA rules, the original 333sp had a complete flat underbody and no rear diffuser.
Rule changes in 1998 finally legallised "ground effects for "open" LMP's, but by then Ferrari's design was showing clear signs of ageing
Even the Longtail "LM" configuration of the 1999 JMB 333sp could not conseal that its origins were of an different era.

F333 sp Data:
Length: 4502 mm, Width: 1994 mm, Height: 1067 mm, Wheelbase: 2794 mm,
Models for Ferrari 333 SP
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
B.B.R. F 333sp Pilot LM 97 1/24 99.9x85.8x0.0 99.9 84.8 85.8
B.B.R. F 333sp Presentation 1/24 99.9x85.8x0.0 99.9 84.8 85.8
B.B.R. F 333sp Momo 1/24 99.9x85.8x0.0 99.9 84.8 85.8
Formula Canada LM 98 Doyle-Risi Racing 1/24 0.0x0.0x0.0 99.9 82.5 83.5
Perry's Resin Replicas LM 99 Pilot 1/24 0.0x82.5x0.0 0.0 81.5 82.5
Scale Production LM 97 Momo 1/24 99.9x84.0x43.0 99.9 83.0 84.0
Slot & Modelcars Momo 1/24 99.9x84.0x43.0 99.9 83.0 84.0

GFK Slotkit

Well laminated and sturdy kit, but needs work on detailing.

Modifications needed for
Sidewinder spur gear
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