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  Jaguar XKR GT2
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2009: #20 Apex
2010: #33 PLM
2011: #099 Sebring
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In preparation for a full championship effort in 2010, RSR revealed the Jaguar XKR GT2 in the American Le Mans Series' famed event the Petit Le Mans. The Jaguar brand is launched into what everyone considers the deepest GT2 class in the history of the ALMS and will have to face off against the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Corvette, Viper, and Ford.

From a production car, the Jaguar XKR makes an excellent racecar. "The Jaguar XKR is exceptionally strong and rigid, and the construction method is in advance of the conventional steel stamping that we see in cars today," explained Paul Gentilozzi, RSR team owner. "That allows RSR to build a lighter, stronger, stiffer racecar. Also, the basic aerodynamic design of the XKR has a low drag coefficient and more than sufficient downforce."

The GT2 class features production-based cars modified as allowed by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) rules. "There are very specific limitations. We use what we call in the industry, the Body-In-White. That is the basic skeletal structure, the sub-frames and frames from the original production car. We started our GT2 car with a real Jaguar XKR, this is not a panel built or fabricated car. We are using all of the aluminium skeletal structure of the car, the production doors, roof and deck lid.
Models for Jaguar XKR GT2
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Scaleauto SC-7023 #81 201.0x83.0x51.0 108.0 81.0 83.0
Scaleauto SC-7018 #31 PLM 201.0x83.0x51.0 108.0 81.0 83.0
Scaleauto SC-7019 White body 201.0x83.0x51.0 108.0 81.0 83.0

#20 Apex APEX Motorsport (GB) 2009
Participated in:

Event: Silverstone Supercar Featuring the Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy Date: 3.5.2009
Track: Silverstone Circuit (GB), 5.140 kms Distance: 2 x 60 minutes
Jaguar S # - Jaguar XKR
Class: GT3
motor: V8 4v DOHC 4193 cc Turbo, Front-engined
Driven by: Bradley Ellis (GB)/Chris Dymond (GB)
Result: Race 1: 20th (1m24s080 behind the winner) ; Race 2: 19th (1m35s879 behind the winner)
Grid: race 1: 11th (1:52.755), race 2: 33rd (1:54.173)
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