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Gordon Murray was well aware that with the arrival of the 911 GT1 and Merc's CLK-GTR, his 96 F1 GTR needed a major once over if it was to keep up with the new breed in GT1.

The GTR Longtail was four inches wider, 23 inches longer (for improved aerodynamics), and over 300 pounds lighter than the original 1995 cars race cars and over 800 pounds lighter than the road cars. The length of the rear bodywork is increased about 20", while the front bodywork is about 2.5" longer. The wheelbase is only about 0.2" longer.
The front track is about 2.5" wider and the rear track is nearly 4" wider than the original F1 GTR. Despite these larger dimensions, the 1997 GTR is more than 200 lbs. lighter than the 1996 version and nearly 300 lbs. lighter than the 1995 racing edition. The Evo's engine capacity had been reduced to 5,9 litres, allowing bigger restrictors better suited to the high revving V10. Other goodies were a sequential X-Trac gearbox and new brakes.

McLaren F1 GTR Evo:
Length : 4924 mm, Width: 1920 mm, Wheelbase:2.7178 mm, Height: 1140.46 mm,
Tyres: Michelin ( Gulf, Giroix, Kokusai ) Dunlop ( BBA ) Goodyear ( West, Mach One ), Wheels : OZ 11x18 & 14x18

Models for McLaren F1 GTR Evo
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Scale Production LM 97 GTR evo Schnitzer 1/24 99.9x83.0x45.0 99.9 77.0 83.0
Slot & Modelcars AJGTC GTR evo Lark 1/24 99.9x83.0x45.0 99.9 77.0 83.0
Studio 27 LM 1997 Gulf 1/24 99.9x83.0x45.0 99.9 77.0 83.0
Studio 27 LM 1997 Lark 1/24 99.9x83.0x45.0 99.9 77.0 83.0
Studio 27 LM 1998 EMI 1/24 99.9x83.0x45.0 99.9 77.0 83.0

Resin Slotkit

Kit offers a full resin body, lexan windows and cockpit and wheel inserts, and a full set of good quality decals.

Photo-etched detail parts can be ordered seperately.
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