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After a desastrous 97 season Porsche realised that a quick revamp of its old 911 would not be enough to challange the competition.
So Norbert singer went back to the drawing board and penciled the sleek (Group C like) body with the first "all" carbon Porsche chassis.

The 911 Evo debuted in the 98 FIA GT against the mighty CLK-LM. The smaller air restrictors prescribed for Turbo engines severely handicapped Porsches chances. Once back on the long Mulsanne straights revenge was sweet as the flat six was finally able to run free with Porsche claiming 1st and 2nd place.

911 GT1 evo data:
Lenght: 4890 mm, Width: 1990 mm, Height: 1140 mm, Wheelbase : 2700 mm, Tyers: Michelin 19", Wheels: BBS 14"
Models for Porsche 911 evo
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Scale Production LM98 Porsche AG 1/24 99.9x82.0x45.0 99.9 80.0 82.0
Slot & Modelcars LM98 Porsche AG 1/24 99.9x82.0x45.0 99.9 80.0 82.0
Slot & Modelcars FIA GT 98 Jever 1/24 99.9x82.0x45.0 99.9 80.0 82.0
VMC/VRC LM98 Porsche AG
1/24 99.9x82.0x45.0 99.9 80.0 82.0

Resin kit curbside.

Crisp body lines with good detail and quality decals.
Rear of the car (diffuser, lights, exhausts) is well detailed.

One of the best 911 Evo kits around.

Instruction sheet with drawings.


One piece Resin body, Resin floorpan with cockpit detail. White metal, resin and photo etched detail parts. Lexan windows and lamp lenses. good decals sheet. Same kit also available with FIA GT 98 Jever livery

Slot conversion remarks

Thin roof, but rest of Body needs to be seriously lightned. Achilles heel is the area around the front window pillars. This needs to be reinforced with GFK.

Body needs modifications for Spurgears bigger than 43t.
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