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2000: Oreca #91
2004: Igol #32
2004: Zwaans #10
2004: Zwaans #9
2005: Dark Dog #121
2006: Red Racing #107
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"There's no replacement for cubic inches" is an old American motoring motto. With its 8 litre V10 engine the Viper definitely fits the bill.
US car giant Chrysler first entered the spectacular coupe via its Dodge brand in 1996.The GTS-R had been developed by a small engineering team in merely 9 months to be ready for the start in the GT 1 class.
Unfortunately arrival of the new mid engined European GT1's had shifted the goal posts. Even with 600+bhp on tap, the front engined Dodge was simply out classed.

In 97 the Viper was back, although now as a Chrysler and (more realistically) in GT-2. At Le Mans the step down in class did not result in the expected step up on the podium, but in the FIA GT the GTS-R scored its first title. The following 3 seasons Vipers reigned supreme scoring podium finishes in almost all GT races on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chrysler Viper GTS-R (LM GTS "02":
Length : 4548 mm, Width: 1933 mm, Wheelbase: 2443mm, Height: 1192 mm, Tyres: Michelin 27x65-18 & 30x70-18, Wheels : BBS 11x18 & 13x18
Chrysler Viper GTS-R (Oreca "03":
Length : 4548 mm, Width: 1924 mm, Wheelbase: 2443mm, Height: 1146 mm, Tyres: Michelin 27x65-18 & 30x70-18, Wheels : BBS 12,5 x18 & 3x18

Models for Dodge/Chrysler Viper GTR
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Carrera GTS street version 1/24 99.9x81.0x46.0 99.9 75.0 81.0
Revell - Monogram GTS street version 1/24 99.9x78.0x46.0 98.0 74.0 78.0
Scale Production LM 00 GTS-R Oreca 1/24 99.9x78.0x47.0 98.0 76.0 78.0
Studio 27 LM 00 GTS-R Oreca 1/24 0.0x0.0x0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

Resin Curbside kit, good and less expesive alternative for Studio 27 kit.
Clean casting with limited flash.


One piece resin body with seperate floorpan and cockpit detail. Spoiler, Lexan windows. Extra detail parts from resin,white metal and photo etched.

Slotcar conversion remarks
Scaleproduction offers a Slot kit with less detail parts (no wheels, cockpit detail and floorpan).

Body could be lightned with Dremel to reduce weight. Photoetched parts also sold seperately on request.

Slotcar conversion remarks

Needs Scale production transkit for GTR (race) version.

Other decalsheets for the Viper are available from Carpena:

LM 1999 - Cica Team Oreca - #50

LM 2000 - Viper Team Oreca - #51, #52, #53

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