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Few race cars have enjoyed the reversal of fortune BMW experienced in the 00/01 ALMS with the M3 GTR.

U.S Team PTG had succefully raced the 6 cylinder E36 M3 winning the IMSA constructors title in 97 and 98. But could only win once in 99, trounced by new arrival Porsche's 911 GT3.
In 2001 BMW returned with 2 teams. PTG and Schnitzer both running their M3 GTR's with the all new 4-litre V8. Winning six of the eight races, the manufacturers and the drivers title. (Jörg Müller/Schnitzer)
An extraordinary feat considering the GT3 Porsches outnumbered the GTR's four to one at most races.

To comply with the ACO rules (also applied in the ALMS) BMW Motorsport had promised to produce a small series of street legal GTR's, but failed to do so by the end of the season.

In order to prevent Manufacturers entering "one off" specials in the Series (an argument campaigned by Porsche) the ACO came up with weight and inlet restrictor penalties for cars lacking the proper 2002 Homologation.

BMW started producing the road GTR early 2002, but not in sufficient numbers to match the ACO requirements. Calculating that these would render the GTR un competitive BMW withdrew its cars.

BMW E46 M3 GTR, Schnitzer, ALMS GT 01:
Length : 4612 mm, Width: 1900 mm, Wheelbase: 2731 mm , Height: 1320 mm,

Models for BMW M3 GTR E36/E46
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Dickie Schuco BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 1/24 99.9x80.0x48.0 99.9 79.0 80.0
Quick Skin IMSA 97 M3 GTS 1/24 99.9x78.0x55.0 99.9 73.5 78.0
Scale Production ALMS 00 Schnitzer 1/24 0.0x0.0x0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

Resin Slot kit

With so many projects on the workbench, progress on the GTR has been a bit slow. Scaleproduction send us this prerelease picture of the body in progress. Looks like it will be released in the 2nd quarter of 2004

update: feb 2007...well apperently not
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