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The Murciélago R-GT, developed jointly with renowned race engineering company Reiter Engineering in Germany, and parent company Audi's sports division Audi Sport, will offer Lamborghini clients a highly competitive car with which to participate in global professional motorsport.

Promising Potential
Built to the specification of FIA and ACO regulations, the R-GT was equipped with a Lamborghini air restricted 6 litre V12 engine, developing a highly competitive power output. The drive train, converted from the Murciélago permanent 4WD to RWD, as per the FIA/ACO regulations, sports a sequential gearbox.
With a sub 500.000€ price tag the R-GT was to be the ultimate package for customer teams upgrading from N-GT to GTS.

Reversal of fortune
Following the launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Reiter Engineering started a test and development programme, planning to enter the R-GT in the last FIA GT rounds at Estoril and Monza. But from there on the promising project seemed to take a dive. Citing lack of development time the car missed Estoril, and although it did show promising figures at Monza's practice, the car was withdraw before the race. Besides suffering from an engine glitch Reiter noted that the R-GT lacked straight-line speed. Continuing to race would have caused unnecessary engine damage.

Come the FIA GT pre season test at Monza March 2004 all had fallen quit on the Ranging Bull.
Lack of client interest might be the problem.
Lets hope the Murcielago saga be continued

Data Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT (2007): Length: 4700 mm, Width: 2058 mm, Height: 1135 mm, Wheelbase: 2665 mm Tyres:Pirelli P Zéro 275/30 R 19 & 355/25 R 19 , Wheels OZ 12x18 & 13x18, topspeed: 320kph

Models for Lambo Murcielago R-GT
Manufacturer Model Scale Dimensions (LxWxH) Wheelbase Front spur Rear spur
Fujimi Murcielago road version 1/24 99.9x85.0x40.0 99.9 82.5 84.0
Scale Production Murcielago R-GT 1/24 99.9x45.0x85.0 99.9 82.5 84.0

With Fujimi's release of the Murcielago kit in July 2004, Scaleproduction's long awaited Murcielago R-GT will be available as a transkit for the Fujimi from Februari 2005.


The transkit will contain a detailed decalsheet to build 3 versions (FIA GT 2003, FIA GT 2004 and ALMS 2004)
Wheels spoiler, splitter PE parts and a complete interior.
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