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So I guess that "T.C members protecting their private parts from

X-rays "
was a dead give away on our April fool homepage. But as in any good joke
there's always a certain amount of truth to the tale.

: Less work, or..... more performance?

When we wrote the Tech rules for the LMS sprints we tried to create
a championship where both the racer and the modellist could use their
creative talents in building cars.

At the same time we tried to keep the perfomance of the cars accesible
for the "average" slotracer. "average" meaning, a
slotter who is not a pure race or modell speciallist.

The use of Lexan windows and interiors has "only"been allowed
in the LMS for 2 reasons.

A: Some of the cars were only available
as GFK/Resin kits, were Lexan windows and interiors are standard issue.

B: Although everybody loves the sight
of a fully detailed interior, not all slotters are capable or willing
to spend the time and effort in building one.

Balancing possible (dis)advantgages is the "balast weight"
rule. Should a body be underweight by using Lexan, extra weight should
be added near the cockpit opening (for open cars) or the lower window
sills (closed cars). Which is logical considering that this is where most
of the weight is safed.

Need for Speed?

After checking all standard Class 3 bodies, we now know for a fact
that in standard form most of them would weigth actually less than 65
gram! And that is including the standard kit windows and in some cases
even with a fully detailed interior.

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