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Quorn Slot Car members dominate Rockingham GT3 6hAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 12 Aug 2018, 8298 view(s)
Race report by Gary Skipp from the world of Digital Slot racing
On July 30th the Rockingham Slot race club hosted a 6 hrs GT3 race on its Spa-Francorchamps themed Digital track.
12 teams lined up on the grid with a variety of 1/32nd Slotcars of brands like Black Arrow, NSR, Scaleauto, Scalectrix, Sideways, and TA71. This wide mix of near stock and modified slot cars were run to DiSCA GT3 rules with a BoP that safeguards a fine tuned Balance of Performance for all cars in the competition.
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8hrs du Pays Noir 124 Davic: The Turtle & the HareAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 02 Dec 2009, 1385 view(s)
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1:24 Davic Charleroi race reportAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Race reports, 10 Jun 2009, 14789 view(s)
Racing For Holland and Soulbros inc. entered the first Davic system race at Charleroi race center. Davic is a digital system which makes it possible to race with 15 cars at a 6 lane track. With 4 lane change possibilties and driving the car in the same lane as some others is a complete new racing format.

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2nd edition of the Big Wheels @ Spa a big succesAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 01 Dec 2008, 15737 view(s)
Last weekend's "Big Wheels @ Spa" saw a major turn out of 18 teams racing their wide bodied, big winged and big wheeled 1/24 modelcars at the beautiful Spa Francorchamps track in the Titanic Bowling center in Alsdorf. They'd all came back with their Capri's, Porsche 935's and BMW 320 turbo's. For the second edition the grid from 12 cars (2007) to 18 cars in 2008. A clear indication that Gr5 and their brothers in arms from across the pond (IMSA GT/GTU/GTX) are still very popular, even when raced with an inliner chassis.

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Le Mans Legends@Spa: Plastikquäler's 19 pointsAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 21 Oct 2008, 6381 view(s)
For some years now Sebastian Nockemann and Jan Uhlig have roamed the German slotracks. They're always blindingly fast, taking no half measures in building cars that can win.
Their team name (best translated as "The Plastic Tormenters") comes from the time when they grinded, twisted and drove their modelkit bodies into oblivience...just to squeeze that final 1/100th of a second out of their car.
Winning concours points was not exactly high on their agenda...until last weekend. As the combined points of both the race and the concours result would count for the final ranking, PlastikQualer swapped their screwdrivers and oil for Photo etch parts and High gloss polish.

Here's what Sebastian Nockemann wrote on about what they did to score @ Spa
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Slotringer Youngsters in Le Mans Legends @ SpaAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 20 Oct 2008, 19738 view(s)
Being part of last weekend's Le Mans Legends race was a "dream come true" for 4 of the Slotringer Youngsters. Marc Kurella, Pierre Jung, Sven Manti and Andre Linberg managed to get a seat with some of the top German teams that took part in this event. Right from the start it was clear that the Young guns were more than ready to mix it with the "old boys"

a proud Bernd Huvendiek aka Team coach Flavio posted this race report on his website

German to English Babel Fish translation of this page - w/out any guaranties of course
German to French Babel Fish translation of this page - w/out any guaranties of course
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Big Wheels @ Spa: Racereports by the teamsAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 07 Dec 2007, 22969 view(s)
Always keen to race the latest and most current sportscars in the slot, the LMC is not totally unaware of the rich history in Motorsport. Occasionally we to take a walk down memeory lane. On the first weekend of december this voyage back in time brought us to the Swinging Seventies. An era where ever bigger wheels were mounted uder the Group 5 silhouette's. Centre stage, the wonderfull 1/24 Spa Francorchamps track in the Titanic Bowkling in Alsdorf Germany. Perfomances by several Belgian, Dutch and German groups. Read the report by the lead act...Slot Fabrik Racing team

Images by Stéphane Martin and Fola full story...

Danish Plafit ChampionshipAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 18 Sep 2007, 4582 view(s)
This weekend the DKPM was held for the first time ever. The event was organised by Danish PlaFit importer Keld Høfler, and sanktioned by Kurt Petri for PlaFit Europe, at his and Gorm Nøregaards racecenter RACEFUN in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Originally it was intended to be a two day event.

The race was as stated above held at the slotracing center RACEFUN, on the "Art of Speed" track which should be very well known by Dutch and Belgian racers, as it used to "live" in the BeNeLux. The track has been only slightly modified since the, as the s-corner right after the start/finish line and before the donut has been changed into a standard lefthander. Therefore the laptimes might just be a tad faster then in the old days.

In the end the entry was a little on the low side, only 8 teams of 3 drivers entered, but that is still 24 Danish model car racers, and among them where some of the best racers. Because of the rather low entry the event was reduced to a one day event.

The happy DKPM contestants.:
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BMW M1 race experience 1 with videorecordingAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Race reports, 10 Sep 2007, 4307 view(s)
Sunday morning I left wife and kids for my first M1 race at the beautiful Hotslot track in Amsterdam Noord. Almost every one who intended to race, was there. The initiator mr. Zaal had prepared the track (and bar) outstanding. The pit was organized by the only engineer and car builder Mr. Nick. This time I had not to prepare my own car, which felt a little uncomfortable. Some people know why. At home I only had to prepare my controller. No more stuff of gear was needed. Nothing! Even the car was already at the club. I left it there because by the rules you were not allowed to do any preparation by yourself. So I went to Mr. Nick and got the complete car handed out to practise. full story...

Oslo 12hrs: Race reportAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 10 Feb 2007, 3908 view(s)
Race report: First 2 hours!
The Oslo 12 hrs has started at exactly noon and the first problems already came to surface! Badet raceway qualified first, shortly followed by the Vandaas Old stars and then Racing For Holland. All within 1/10th of a second. we all know....when the flag drops ...etc....
On the wooden six laner with nine teams, Badet, Vandaas and RFH choose for the sitout first. 1, 2, 3 stints respectively.

The first victim of the 12 hrs endurance is already there!
The body of White Mosue racing came off costing the team a mere 60 laps before they could continue. Also the "experienced" RFH boys got there part of bad luck as well. The splitter had been glued the night before but proved not to be able to resist a sudden impact crash costing the Dutchies at least 40 laps.
Fastest laptimes are between 5.90 and 6.00 on this wooden short-track. With griplevels slowly increasing I would expect 5.80 is possible during the famous night stints ahead of us.
That's it for now....keep you posted in about 2 hours time.

Race reporting from Bussum (Holland)
Note: Apparently they have some connection problems in the north but I expect this to be resolved quit soon:) full story...

The Baileys Boys went to OsloAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Race reports, 08 Feb 2007, 7338 view(s)
The Norwegians we'd met during the Danish 9hrs were planning their first 1:24 Endurance for GT's. Gabriel first spotted the race on the Danish forum and said; hey guys why don't we go to Oslo, its for GT's, we've got a car ready and the flights are cheap....who is willing to go? After some consideration (and negotiations with the wife's) Marcel and Henri decided to go, even Mr. T. was willing to come out of its retirement for this event. The plan for this race?... have fun and make some new friends! So the first things we packed were...3 Bottles of the famous Irish Cream!
A personal account by Henri van Gool.
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LMS FINALS: saturdayAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 27 Nov 2006, 4390 view(s)
9 'o clock sharp the rumble of a M5 straight six reviberates in the Parking garage, RfH has entered the house, all team members including the "retiree to be" are in full LMS final dresscode. Let the games begin :) full story...

LMS FINALS: FridayAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 26 Nov 2006, 3922 view(s)
The last days before a big slotrace event are always hectic. The past weeks everybody has been preparing for the LMS finals and most teams spent the
day packing and traveling to the venue. For some the Titanic Bowling is just quick stroll away, others will have made 1000km and more to get to the
event. full story...

Weam Team: Teleurstelling en plezier in UdenAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 26 Dec 2005, 4313 view(s)
Het legendarische Weam Team houd al jaren Fryslan's eer hoog in het endurance slotracen. Vooral de 24hrs races zijn hun specialiteit maar dan wel die races waarbij ze op z'n minst de helft van de uren in het plaatselijke nachtleven kunnen doorbrengen. Zeer gemotiveerd zakten de Friezen af naar het Brabantse Uden. "Wy sille se in wan op'e bealch jaan!" Teamcaptain Erwin Post maakte er een uitgebreid verslag van wat hij plaatste op de MRCL website. full story...

Pechduiveltjes slaan toe in UdenAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 26 Dec 2005, 4645 view(s)
Door Schade en schande wordt je wijs. Dat dit spreekwoord in de LMS niet alleen voor debutanten geld wordt wel duidelijk uit het verslag van DVR's team captain Henri van Gool.
Kortom er werden in Uden weer veel wijsheden opgedaan...... full story...

Matchbox gaat tot het gaatjeAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 26 Dec 2005, 4258 view(s)
Zoals altijd was team Matchbox weer vol actief tijdens de LMS finale. Niet alleen streden ze op de baan voor de derde maal op rij om de 2e plaats in het kampioenschap, ook naast de baan is het team actief met Mack als TC en Wedstrijdleider.
Peter Reijerkerk doet verslag van hun race die dit keer toch zwaarder was dan anders. full story...

Les 9 heures du Vikings - a reportAuthor: Paal Hanson, Category: Race reports, 09 Nov 2005, 4915 view(s)
On Saturday November 5th 2005 the second edition of "Les Neuf Heures du Vikings" (or rather Vikings Scaleracing Club’s 9 hour endurance race for modern Le Mans cars) took place in Frederiksund Danmark. On behalf of Vikings Scaleracing Club I would like to thank the 8 participating teams. Thanks for an exciting and fair fight, which all through the day was going back and forth. The fight was very, very close through all ‘9’ hours.
A report by Pål Hanson

full story...

My first 1/24 win LMS R#5Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 26 Oct 2005, 3876 view(s)
In de 1/32 is Bas Polkerman een ervaren slotter met een aantal overwinningen op zijn naam. Dit jaar maakte hij zijn entree in de 1/24 modelcars. Sleutelen was nog al een probleem, zo overwoog hij zelfs "pruster" als username voor op het forum. Maar het rijden met "big scale" ging steeds beter. Lees in z'n raceverslag wat er kan gebeuren als een "prutser" een goede auto in z'n handen krijgt.
full story... Ortmann koers (LMS R4)Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Race reports, 21 Sep 2005, 4018 view(s)
Voor de 2e Group C race reisde de LMS af naar Duitsland. Bij onze oosterburen in het Niederrhein gebied word meestal op zaterdag geraced en rijd men niet op Spons rubber maar op de "beroemde" Ortman Wiesel (Polyutheraan) banden.

full story...

GTS rule Les Neuf HeuresAuthor: Willem Kloppenburg, Category: Race reports, 05 Jan 2005, 3573 view(s)
Les 9 Heures de Le (eu) warden has proven itself time and again as a tough and exciting race. And exciting it was. With 2 Italian matadors and an American dream entered it looked like the big GTS’s were taking on the lean and mean LMP’s. full story...

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