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Bentley Continental GT3 1:32, Build report part 4Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 25 Jun 2016, 1453 view(s)
Finally had some time to make some updates on the Conti, its been quite busy with building and testing all the different cars for the 1st DiSCA GT3 event in Manchester on July 30th.
With just a month to go it was about time that the TA71S Bentley joined the party.
So before I took her out for a spin, I got her dressed up, amazing what a few well placed brush strokes semi-gloss black can do to transform the looks of a car...and it can be functional as well. full story...

DiSCA GT3 Euroseries TestsAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 15 Jun 2016, 1319 view(s)
Some of the test for the new DiSCA GT3 Open rules we done on the 32m Suzuka shaped Ninco track of the SRC Eindhoven in Best, NL.
Besides testing the Scaleauto Baby Sprinter motor for O2 compatibility we also tested the several tyre and wheel combinations we considered for the hand outs.
full story...

DiSCA GT3, Lights and O2chip installation tipsAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 11 Jun 2016, 1665 view(s)
Here's an update on one of the DiSCA test hacks, the Scalextric Bentley Continental GT3 with a 3Dfab chassis and a 0,0mm offset Evo 6 pod. Chipped with the O201b1 I have now been able to fit the car with functional front (as required by the rules) and brakelights...without the use of an extra light set. Which in the case of the Bentley (not the lightest lad in the group) helps to keep the weight down (and costs as well).

full story...

Bentley Continental GT3 1:32, Build report part 3Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 30 May 2016, 2065 view(s)
With Scalextric releasing the Green #85 car (and to be honest doing a great job, very nice car) the plans for my Big green brute all of a sudden became soooo 2015;) Still doing the Ring 24 version but now the 2016 edition (running as we speak)

Same light set up, stunning livery as well, and as those watching the race right now will know..nice ideas for race "weathering". The car now being prepared for its debut in the new DiSCA digital GT3 Open event in Manchester July 31st.

full story...

Bentley Continental GT3 1:32, Build report part 2Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 20 May 2016, 1247 view(s)
As more people are starting to build their TA71 kits...time to start sharing some of my knowledge on painting and prepping SLS 3D printed bodies. So the last thing I posted on the Bentley build report part 1 was the slight misalignement of the chassis and body. When I checked the chassis I found it had a slight warp at the left rear corner.

full story...

Bentley Continental GT3 1:32, Build report part 1Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 30 Jan 2016, 2728 view(s)
Back in September 2012, when Bentley unveiled the concept for their first race car in a decade, it made a stunning impression. Choosing the Continental as a platform for their GT3 racer caused many to either love it or hate it.
As most would consider the Road GT is was based on, as a car more suited for a Cannonball Run, not the ideal weapon of choice to go GT racing. In the past 3 years the team of Bentley engineers have proved them all wrong, having developped the "Conti" in to a very potent package under the current GT3 regs.

For us 1/32nd engineers, creating a "competitive" Conti GT3 has been a bit more difficult task, at least such was the case until the summer of this year. full story...

BMW Z4 GT3, 2013 team Schubert VLN 1/24Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 12 Aug 2013, 2129 view(s)
Here are some pictures of my latest Scaleauto, the BMW Z4 in 2013 team Schubert VLN livery.
A lot of detailing has been done to get the basic Scaleauto White-kit up to 2013 specs.
I will post more on how and what I did later on...for now I hope you'll enjoy the pictures.

Lets see how many differences you guys can spot compared to the base Scaleauto kit

with kind regards

full story...

Old school Plafit exel with exhausts extensionAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 09 Mar 2010, 5237 view(s)
My old BMW M1 procar was still running without exhausts. The exhausts were situated at the original car, just beneath the rear bumper and outside the back of the car. When placed outside the body, the exhaust pipes will be easily smashed off in a race accident.

full story...

Kick my assAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 26 Jan 2010, 4550 view(s)
Racers like asses. That is why race babes are so attractive. That is the same with race cars. The asses are important for ground effect reasons and for the looks. Many time when we build a car for a race, there is no time left for a nice ass. An other reason to pay little attention to it, is not knowing how to put the fragile parts of the model at the back of the car. I have tried to make it solid and thorough and would like to share this with you.

full story...

SB Acura further detailedAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 18 Mar 2009, 5029 view(s)
Breaking news: after a long time of silence, Soul Brothers Acura has arrived in the last stadium of finishing the car! Whatch the pics now. See the huge progress that has been made by team captain Henri van Gool with support of Tamar Nelwan.

full story...

Low cost Showboard including lightning systemAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 08 Dec 2008, 4565 view(s)
At races I have met several slotracers who showed their cars at nice homemade boards. Is it possible to make such a show board at low costs (for economic reasons )? full story...

RFH F 365 GT4 BB/ The making offAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 21 Nov 2008, 12347 view(s)
Here's the story of how we contructed the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB body we raced at last weekend's "Big Wheels @ Spa" event in Germany. Starting point for this project was an old airfix kit of the #75 N.A.R.T 1978 Le Mans version that Gabriel bought from Stefan Kuhn
At first I did not think much of Gabe's choice, which was obviously motivated by the fact that the car was about as low and wide as the Big Wheels rules allowed. But boy was it ugly....or at least I thought it was...until I saw this video

full story...

Klaus hat ein neuen SitzAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 20 Nov 2008, 4761 view(s)
After a demolishing experience at Alsdorf last race, I was not in the mood for a funeral of my latest springoff: the Ford Capri Zakspeed.

full story...

Remodeling a Tamtech Lancia Lc2Author: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 15 Sep 2008, 5174 view(s)
For some reason I like white colored cars. So for the Gr C Lemans Legends I chose the Lancia Lc2 in Martini livery. Unfortunately I was not able to finish the car in time as you might have noticed!
full story...

Let there be light!Author: Gabriel Inäbnit, Category: Technical, 09 Dec 2007, 9420 view(s)
Let there be light! Many of you have asked and/or wondered how RfH builds the lights, flaming pipes, position/marker lights in mirrors and break lights. In this article you will receive an overview on the building blocks of our lights as well as some tips and tricks.
article is a work in progress
full story...

Team Modena heads for AlsdorfAuthor: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 10 Oct 2007, 4542 view(s)
Team Modena/Dutch Age Racing has refreshed its car for their 3rd appearance at the Spa track in Alsdorf. Still clad in Le Mans 2006 colors the Aston Martin has been thouroughly tested on the wooden sixlaner in Almere. Highly motivated teamcaptain Henry van Gool decided they needed something "extra" to express their high hopes for the race. full story...

Cars&Models: A reference list for 1/24 SportscarsAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 23 Apr 2007, 4035 view(s)
Modelcar (slot)racing means building scale(d) models of 1/1 racecars and (after all those hours of carefull building something most people cherish in a showcase) going to the track and actually race them...hard.
As this website's theme is Sports Endurance racing from the Gr. C era till present, our aim was to build a database with references to all the Group C, GT, GTP and LMP's that have been modelled in 1/24 or 1/25 scale. As it turned out this was a gigantic task and even though we've put these pages that is far from finished.
full story...

New Sportscar Models 2007Author: Afolabi Osu, Category: Technical, 18 Feb 2007, 31453 view(s)

By the end of februari most modelmakers have presented their 2007 releases at one of the big toy fairs. Of course we do not all have the ability to go there and skoop the latest news, but with some determined surfing on the web and e few calls to those "who were there" its amazing what info you can get.
For "modern" sportscars 2006 was a "vintage" year, we got the whole flock of GT's, DBR9's (Spark, Renaissance and MFH), plenty of F575's (Carrera, Fuijimi, Redline, Technomodel) and finally the big and bad assed MC12 by Ejan.

For 2007 the Gt pickings are less rich, even though there are plenty off untouched cars out there (somebody do the Spyker in 1/24 please.. I know its ugly..but its Dutch) No seriouly it seems the focus has shifted back to sports prototypes and some come form a very unexpected source......

Check out the new models made by Carrera and Scaleproduction. See which ace Revell Germany had up their sleeve and check out the new range of RTR Group C cars from BRM. After all that update yourself with some new kits by the usual suspect like Tamiya, Fuijimi et al. Oh and dont forget Techno model
Here's a summery of what Gert Klinge found on the web. All in all it gives you a good view of what we can expect for this year full story...

1/24 Digital slotracing...the future?!Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 31 Jan 2007, 10107 view(s)
The latest buzzword in the commercial world of slot racing being DIGITAL, is it possible to race 1/24 Scale cars in the same format? Well, with a little effort and some helping hints, those 1/24 Carrera Shelf-queens can now be raced in exciting, realistic multi car-per-lane racing, with real overtaking. Big Al got a bee in his bonnet, and produced a little gem of a track which can race both 1/32 and 1/24, and Analogue and last but not least, digital.. read and see for your this the future of slotracing?. full story...

Converting a F430 into a F430 GTR (updated)Author: Henri van Gool, Category: Technical, 18 Jan 2007, 6687 view(s)
One of the most recurrent challenges for a sportscar modelracer is that there's no kit of the racecar he wants to build. But if you can get hold of a road version it is no so hard to covert such a kit into a proper racer. For those of you all that want to build a F430, I thought that these text and pictures might be helpfull.
Base kit is the Revel 430, not only is is cheap and sturdy, but with a little imagination you only need a few modifications to turn the street car into a proper f430 GT2. full story...

Vac Forming 1-2-3 making a simple VacformmachineAuthor: Alan Paterson, Category: Technical, 03 Jan 2007, 4510 view(s)
What do you do when you are on the other side of the world and need some light vacuformed interiors, but you can't get your hands on "Werksteile" because the shipping alone will cost a fortune. make do with what you can get, start making your own. At least that's what Al Paterson did when he prepared his cars for the 2006 IMCA Worlds. And it really isn't that difficult, at least not after you've read "Big Al's" report on how he made his own Vacform machine and sucked himself into Worlds Concourse winning shape. full story...

Dodge Viper GTS (master making)Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 27 Dec 2006, 8533 view(s)
Ever since I saw the first Vipers run at Le Mans I really loved that car. There are some nice Viper kits out there...but unfortunately they are all 1/25.
Now for the modellist that's not a problem..its just a bit smaller...But I wanted to race my Viper, and race it competitively!
As the competition was running 1/24 bodies which gave them the max allowed trackwidth (83mm) my Viper needed to be at least just as big. full story...

Dodge Viper GTS (casting the silicone mold)Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 27 Dec 2006, 5980 view(s)
Part II of the Viper story.....Casting a silicone mold is actually a quite easy, it a little bit messy job.
For the average 1/24 GT you'll need � 600gr of silicone, 30gr hardner, some sheetplastic, tamiya putty or miliput and some mdf to make a box to cast the silicon in. Oh... and some Maskol, very handy stuff! full story...

Dedicated motor for Modelcars: Proslot's Euro MK1Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 27 Dec 2005, 9909 view(s)
Dan De Bella's Pro Slot Ltd has been designing and manufacturing high-end 1/24th scale (pro) slot racing equipment for many years and Pro Slot motors in particular have won numerous Pro Wing Car, Group and Eurosport World and National Championship titles. In 2005 Dan has also taken up 1/24 Modelcar racing. After speaking to a lot of Modelcar racers around the world he decided to produce the motor that everyone has been waiting for - one designed for slot racing and not for windshield wipers or electric windows!"
full story...

The Plafit Excel chassisAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 22 Sep 2005, 5689 view(s)
The majority of the chassis used in the LMS Series are made by Plafit. This Japanese company builds several types of 1/32 and 1/24 chassis. In the LMS both the Plafit 124 "inliner" and the Excel "anglewinder" type chassis are allowed. Most teams however will opt for the Excel Chassis, as it offers the widest range in adjustability and gear ratios. full story...

Freewheeling frontwheelsAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 22 Sep 2005, 4067 view(s)
Allowing the front wheels to turn independently form each other will reduce the roll resistance in the corners. On a 85 mm wide slotcar this results in a better turn in.

full story...

Plafit releases upgrade of Bison MKIIIAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Technical, 01 Apr 2005, 5058 view(s)

Plafit's last addition to its Motor range has finally hit the shops: The Bison MKIV, specially develloped for competition. Preliminary tests showed that the MKIV is not faster on top speed than the MKIII but runs smoother with better torque and brake.
Plafit specialist Mr Petry explains. full story...

Controller projectAuthor: Willem Kloppenburg, Category: Technical, 03 Nov 2004, 4328 view(s)
As you are well aware that the controller is pretty much the most important piece of hardware you are using while on the track, it seems useful to start a thread about it. Now one of our lead electronic wizards, [b]ERWIN RAMTECH BOERSE[/b] also known as TWEETY, has built many controllers. All with there own specific twists and tweaks. full story...

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