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DSC 2017 Ronde 4 Race ReportAuthor: Gabriel Inäbnit, Category: Championship, 12 Mar 2018, 1870 view(s)
DSC 2017 Ronde 4 Race Photos DSC 2017 Ronde 4 Resultaten DSC 2017 Kampioenschap
Ronde 4 van het DSC kampioenschap met 23 deelnemers was weer een geslaagde zondag.
De resultaten en ook de stand van het kampioenschap zijn middels de links rechts in te zien. De finale ronde in april blijft spannend doordat de puntenverschillen relatief klein zijn.
De laatste ronde en de ontknoping van het DSC 2017 / 2018 is bij SRC Fastlane 2.0 in Everdingen. De prijsuitreiking van het kampioenschap zal aansluitend aan de race dag plaatsvinden. Het is enorm spannend voor de derde plaats in het kampioenschap tussen Bert van Dam en Gabriel Inäbnit, maar ook Mack de Wachter en Matthijs Boon liggen op de loer om nog op het podium te eindigen. Nummer 7 Richard Jacobs en nummer 8 Robert van Hoornaar liggen hier ook slechts enkele punten achter dus het is enorm spannend van plek 3 t/m plek 8!
Round 4 of the DSC championship with 23 participants was a sunday well spend.
The results and championship standings are published and can be consulted via the links above. The final round in April remains interesting as the points differences are relatively small. The last round of the DSC 2017 / 2017 championship takes place at the fabulous track of SRC Fastlane 2.0 in Everdingen. The championship ceremonies will take place after the races. We will be taking a look back over the passed season during the festivities and also look at what lays ahead. The battles are not settled and it is very tights for the last place on the podium. Mainly Bert van Dam and Gabriel Inäbnit will have to settle the positions. Also Mack de Wachter and Matthijs Boon certainly are still within reach for 3rd place overall. Chances are not over either for 7th placed Richard Jacobs and 8th placed Robert van Hoornaar, which brings us six contenders still in the race for 3rd overall.
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1/24 FIAGT Spa 24hrs: Program & event info EEC R3Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Championship, 29 Apr 2008, 32767 view(s)
Alsdorf May 24-25th, the 1/24 FIA GT is back at its home base for a thrilling finale of the European Endurance Championship. A lot of time and effort is being spent to make sure that the 1/24 FIA-GT Finale will produce thrilling least on track ;). With 23 Teams the grid of the most faumous 1/24 modelcar track in the world will be fully packed.
So many teams puts quite a strain on the schedule. In order to give all teams decent track time the event will spann more than 24 hrs.
In previous years the biggest obstacle to continue racing on saturdayevening was the bowling/disco. This has now been resolved... "If you cant beat them....join them;) so after the first run, at 21:00 sharp we will have Titanic diner served we will all go @ bowling. As a trade off Titanic will kill the music once raceing resumes @ midnight.However there might still be some surpises lurking in the dark.

Read the full program below and post your questions on the forum. full story...

1/24 FIA GT EEC Round #2: Provisional TimetableAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Championship, 28 Feb 2008, 4276 view(s)
Here's the Provisional Timetable for round 2 of the 1/24 FIA GT European Endurance Championship. The event will cover 3 days, starting on Friday 28th at 17:30 hrs till Sunday 30th 15:00. As the race at the Merlijn slotrace club will be held on a 8 lane track the 24 teams will be divided in 3 groups of 8 cars.
Free practice will be possible on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. The event starts with a race breefing at 8.55 after which all cars will have to be placed in the Parc fermé. Teams will be called to the Parc ferme to mount their hand out materials in groups of 8, starting with the highest ranked GT1's and finishing with the GT2's. The Timed practice/ Qualification sessions will follow the same order.

The Endurance race is set to start at 14:00 hrs with the teams divided in 3 heats according to their Qualification ranking. The race will be divided in 2 day and one night section. Tracktime will be set at 15 min p/lane with 2 min for lane changes. Total track time p/team will be 6 hrs.

Under Belgian legislation (de wet Sehgers) Sporting events (in Belgium Slotracing is an official recognised sport) with participants under the 18 are required to provide a min of 6hrs of rest in their time table. To comply with this legislation Imca will provide 8 slotracers not taking part in the competitions to Marshall the Night section. Further more there will be a 1,5 hrs break in the race from 05:00 till 07:00. This way all participants will be able to get some "legal" red eye ;) full story...

1/24 FIA GT EEC: A self made Championship!Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Championship, 31 Jan 2008, 22793 view(s)

Tell your friends you're "off" this weekend and they will ask you where to? Tell them Oslo and they will frown and think you're nuts...Oslo what the f*** are you going to do in Oslo?
Tell them exactly what you're going to do and they're convinced that you are a complete nutter..
But then they will start asking questions; So... how big are these cars?...and you've built this by all yourself?....everything?
And after all those hours you actually race them?! Tell them everything.... and they will be amazed....and with reason.

For in this time where almost everything seems to come in the same pre coocked, pre assembled, pre managed, ready to run, turnkey, plug & play package, actually making something out of nothing, creating things while dirt and grime gets on your hands, doing things that you did not do becoming a rarity.

And that's exactly what more than 50 complete nutters will have done when they gather this weekend in Oslo to kick off the first round of the 1/24 FIA GT European Endurance Championship.
24 modelcars recreating the 2007 Spa Franchorchamps 24hrs grid all built from scratch, starting in a championship with 3 rounds scattered over Europe.Six months ago there was nothing, no kits, no decals, no organisation, no sponsors. Everything had to be built from scratch. And that with a group off enthousiasts of whom some had not raced a proper 1/24 modelcar one year ago. That in itself is an amazing fact, and I'm sure that the racing will be too.
This will truly be a "self made championship, by the racers for the racers.

My friends may think that I'm a complete nutter, but in Oslo I'll be in good company


full story...

Group C; LMS comes full circleAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Championship, 05 Apr 2005, 4127 view(s)
On April 17 the LMS comes full circle as after 10 years the grid at the MRCL will be filled with Group C's once again . As then, Gr C is intended to draw new slotters into 1/24 modelcar racing. Time for an introduction to the "new" class and a bit of of Classic history. full story...

X- Rays for LMS T.C.?Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Championship, 01 Apr 2004, 4131 view(s)
So I guess that "T.C members protecting their private parts from

X-rays "
was a dead give away on our April fool homepage. But as in any good joke
there's always a certain amount of truth to the tale.
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