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First shakedown Porsche 's 2014 LMP1Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 12 Jun 2013, 19750 view(s)
Just days after Audi and Toyota did there trail runs at the 2013 LM 24hrs Testday, Timo Bernhard gave Porsche's 2014 LMP1 contender a first shake down on the Weissach test track. Its been a long long time since Porsche's competed for top honours at Le Mans. Had they not left the LMP1 scene in 1999 Audi's stunning track winning streak might have had some more gaps apart from the few Bentley/Pug victories.

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Renault reveals its 2013 Le Mans PrototypeAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 27 Mar 2013, 4434 view(s)

Following this months previous announcement from Renault that it will be entering the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, as well as the European Le Mans Series, the French automaker has now revealed the LMP2 prototype that it hopes to be victorious with.

Renault is using its Le Mans participation to help build excitement for the revival of its Alpine nameplate, which will be used on a new sports car being developed in collaboration with British sports car manufacturer and Formula One team Caterham.

Before the arrival of the new sports car, currently planned for 2016, Renault will use the Alpine name in motorsport, initially on its new LMP2 prototype.

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Porsche 956, the car that set the trend in Gr CAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 23 Oct 2011, 7752 view(s)
In 1981 Porsche started work on a prototype racer to suit the new Group C regulations. It was the first all new racer Porsche constructed in over a decade and was quite a departure from the 936, which shared many components with Porsche's prototypes of the late 1960s.
The only proven part of the new '956' was the aluminum flat 6 engine, which had powered the 936. full story...

FIA GT Big Brothers newsAuthor: Afolabi Osu, Category: Autosport, 16 Jan 2008, 3969 view(s)

A New team enters the GT2
2008 CR Scuderia launches at the Autosport Show

The wraps came off the CR Scuderia racing cars at Autosport International today, revealing a striking red, white and blue livery that carries across the team’s entries in the FIA GT, British GT and Formula Renault UK Championships.

ITV’s Ted Kravitz was on hand to introduce CRS Team Principal, Chris Niarchos, who revealed that the team had secured an exciting multi-year sponsorship deal with BSkyB (Sky). This sponsorship will support the Sky brand across its TV, broadband and home telephony services.

“We are extremely excited about our sponsorship of CR Scuderia,” said William Mellis, Director of Customer Acquisition, BSkyB. “This platform provides us with an opportunity to support the Sky brand as it continues to innovate in home entertainment services and, following the launch of Sky Broadband and Sky Talk, also becomes a leader in great value home communications.”

CR Scuderia is also delighted to have secured commercial partnerships with companies including Grand Prix Racewear (GPR), Alpinestars, Giorgio, Fast Wax, Creative Print Group, Performance Friction, PPG and Autosmart.

“From day one I have said it is vitally important for us to enter our first year of racing on a solid commercial footing,” said CRS Team Principal, Chris Niarchos. “We are proud to run the Sky brand across our three race programmes and believe that this partnership will provide many opportunities for the team and for Sky in the coming years. We are equally delighted to have forged new relationships with some fantastic commercial partners and look forward to getting out on track and making them proud to be a part of this team.”
CR Scuderia will run two Ferrari 430s in the GT2 class of the FIA GT Championship in 2008; one car for Andrew Kirkaldy and Rob Bell and one for Chris Niarchos and Tim Mullen. The FIA GT Championship is an ambitious target for a team in its first year of competition but CRS has four drivers who are all proven winners at that level of racing.

The team will also run a domestic programme in the British GT Championship, which is familiar territory for CR Scuderia. Niarchos, Kirkaldy and Mullen have all been British GT Champions in recent years and most of the CRS team members have worked as part of a winning team in that category. In 2008 the competition will be tough, especially between the Ferrari runners, so CRS plans to field a team of exceptional drivers in British GT. That team of drivers will be announced in due course.

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Son of famous 40 inches heads for Le MansAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 20 Jan 2007, 6812 view(s)
Just 40 inches tall, but a giant in Motorsport history, for most "American" motorheads the Ford GT40 is remembered as the “Car that beat the Europeans” at Le Mans. To celebrate that great era in their history Ford unvieled the stunning GT40 concept car for its 2002 centennial celebrations, and announced the production version just 45 days later.

Production of a small number Ford GT's began in 2003, with end of production timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Ford's 1-2-3 victory in the 1966 LeMans race. As the last production car rolled out of the Troy, Michigan factory in sept 2006, the story of the Ford GT cme to an end, without the "Son" ever stepping into the racing shoes of its famous "father"....
...that is until recently

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New Peugeot LMP (un)coveredAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 18 Jan 2007, 6992 view(s)
In 2007 Peugeot will be returning to the world’s automotive racing circuits at the highest level, after retiring from the WRC at the end of 2005. Announced on 14th June 2005 Peugeot’s Le Mans programme only really started once the last WRC test trial finished, in November 2005. Since then the Peugeot Sport team has been reorganised to produce a mock-up of the V12 HDi FAP engine in June 2006, followed by a mock-up of the 908 at the Paris Motor Show last September, on Jan 10 it finally unveiled the 908, ready to start is first development tests in anger.
Peugeot’s press release, of Jan 10th full story...

FIA GT 2005 YearbookAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 15 Feb 2006, 3953 view(s)
The latest addition to the Yearbook archive is about to hit the shelves, with the release this week of the FIA GT Championship’s offering for 2005. It’s a comprehensive, if slightly busy looking, run through the dramas of a hard fought Championship with the nip and tuck battles between the Maseratis, Ferraris, Corvette and Aston Martin quite rightly taking centre stage. full story...

More Than 24 Hours : Le Mans 2005Author: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 26 Dec 2005, 4448 view(s)
A recent survey showed that gift certificates account for 35% of the X-mass presents, so there's a 33% change that you got stuck with one over the Christmas hollidays. So what to do with them?....well how about this!
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Lancia LC2, Gr C as in CappucinoAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 30 Oct 2005, 3904 view(s)
In the early year of Group C racing Porsche's main rival came from the Italian FIAT group. Lancia was chosen as manufacturer and their first entry under the new Group C rules was the ill born LC1. Basicly a devellopment of the old lightweight Group 6 barchetta fitted with a roof, its 1.4 turbo engine was hopelessly outclassed by the Porsches. To take them on Lancia needed a much bigger engine, bigger than any engine available. full story...

Group C History: The Rise and FallAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 22 Sep 2005, 4540 view(s)
The 1980's 2 events spurred a new era in Sportscar racing, in Europe FISA introduced its 'Group C' regulations for the new World Endurance Cup and in the USA, IMSA updated the regulations of their GTP(rototype) class. The result of their efforts was a very sucessful revival of prototype endurance racing on both sides of the Atlantic that would last for almost a decade. full story...

Masereati MC 12 and the powers that beAuthor: Tamar Nelwan, Category: Autosport, 21 Mar 2005, 5244 view(s)
With the arrival of the Maserati MC 12 the goal posts in GT racing shifted once again.
So far the MC 12 has been a controversial car to say the least, but one that the "powers that be" at the FIA were determined to see racing.
From the onset its was clear that the MC 12 would on the edge of breaching the "spirit of the rules".
For a bit more background info the Maserati MC 12 ...a breef insight full story...

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