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Racers like asses. That is why race babes are so attractive. That is the same with race cars. The asses are important for ground effect reasons and for the looks. Many time when we build a car for a race, there is no time left for a nice ass. An other reason to pay little attention to it, is not knowing how to put the fragile parts of the model at the back of the car. I have tried to make it solid and thorough and would like to share this with you.

The Sauber Mercedes C9 has a typical tiny rack. It has no more than 2 small points attached to the base-plate. It will be smashed off easily when some car runs into the back! The spoiler and its standings are also attached to the rack. So a kick in the ass and the whole spoiler/rack will come off. After some thoughts and study of the real car, I decided to attach the whole "back side" at the chasis. To get the hight of the rack right I used a simple part of (thick) foam. The foam is mounted with glue to the back of the chasis on a small carbon plate, beneath the axle holders.

The rack has been reinforced with carbon triangles behind the rackbars and glued at a carbon plate.

The tiny lower engine part, that is attached to the rack, will be easily destroyed at a 'back-kick'. I figuered out to use solid 1mm rubber plate and bended it beneath the carbon plate. Two extra rubber flaps completed my baby's ass.

So what do you need to make this nice ass? Carbon plate, rubber 1mm, foam, glue and some imagination.

And flaming pipes. Ofcourse.

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