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  Scaleracing Canada starts 1/24 'hard body' ALMS
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On January 5, 2007, Scaleracing Canada will launch a new race series for 1/24 modelcars (or hard bodies as they say in Canada) . The races will be open for ALMS cars and be held after the popular Nascar event at RACEWORLD TORONTO on the first and third Friday night of each month. The American Le Mans Series will expand the �hard body� night and hopes to bring a wide range of cars from LM Prototypes to Corvettes, Ferrari�s and Porsches to the Canadian tracks .

The �official� Canadian Scalerace season will start with the new calender year in January of 2007, and end with the crowning the 2007 Canadian Model Car Champion in December of 2007. 1/24 model car racing or �hard body� night as we like to call it, is still scheduled for the first and third Friday of each month. Open practice will begin at 6:30pm and the first race at 7:30pm following tech spec.

The first race of the evening will be the popular NASCAR event. For this year, we will also feature a second �hard body� race starting with ALMS (American Lemans Series) cars. The ALMS covers a wide range of cars including Corvettes, Porsches and Ferrari�s that are all available as affordable model kits (Revell, Tamiya, Fujimi) or at a little more cost you could use the body from one of the many RTR Carrera cars. All cars entered since the ALMS began are eligible

The first race of each month will count towards the 2007 Championship. Each racer will have the opportunity to miss or discard two races out of a possible 10. A racer�s points from their best 8 finishes plus their Concourse score will determine a racer�s overall standings in the Championship. The concourse points will be scored at the first race of September to a maximum of 20 points (see SRC Regulations for Concourse). Race points would score to a maximum of 80 points for all races. The overall Championship would be awarded to the racer with the most points out of a total of 100 for the year.

Marc Cambell

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