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  Oslo 12hrs: Norway’s first 1/24 GT Endurance
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This weekend Scandinavian slothistory will take a new step as the first 1/24 Endurance in Norway will be contested on the Badet Raceway in Oslo. After their fact finding missions in 2006 (Les neuf heures du Viking), Norwegian organisers Jostein Vandaas and Glenn Wennerberg decided that the time was ripe for their own event. Goal of the event was to give a boost to the small modelcar community in Norway, but as the first invitations were send, it soon became clear that there was some international interest as well.

As it was to be their first event, the Norwegians have shopped around the modelcar community seeking advice on how to turn such an event into a succes. Selecting the best pickings for rules, cars and materials along the way.
As a result the race will be open for GT cars, and will be run on a brand new 6 lane wooden track, and will follow these technical rules

We will be bringing you Live updates from Oslo via this website

The Oslo Grand Prix
Just a mere 24hrs till the start of what now has been named the "Oslo Grand Prix". The hard work both organiser have put into this event has paid off with a good and international grid. Besides the 5 Norwegian teams there are Swedish, Spanish, Danish and Dutch teams travelling to Oslo. Not bad at all for a "first" event.

The race will be divided in 3 segments with 1/3 of the Race run at ”night condition”, so the cars must have lights.
Failing circuitry for the lights is the biggest problem for teams new to endurance racing so for their first event the organisers have wisely adaptedd the rules stating that the lights must only be working at the start of the night session. To keep the grip levels under control they have chosen the hard and durable Procomp 3 as control tyre. Gripp additives will not be allowed.

Oslo 12 hrs
Adress: Badet Raceway,Ole Brumsvei 1, Oslo, Norway
Entry fee: kr 500.- NOK (450 ddk, €60) pr lag (team)
Handout material:1 Proslot PS-4000 Euro mk1 motor with 9 t. Pinion (un mounted).
2 set Scaleauto procomp 3 tyres, 16mm.

Friday 2/2: -Free practice from 5 pm - 11 pm. Guests have first priority.
Saturday 3/2:
08.00 - ree practice till 9.20 am. Guests have first priority
9.30 - Racebreefing: Handout of motors and wheels, which must be assambled under supervision in parc ferme and the car must be staying in parc ferme until race start.
09.45 - Technical control till 11.00 am. The teams are allowed to test the cars for 3 minutes after the cars has been approwed. The testing is under supervision of the technical control team. But the track is closing at 11.00 am, so bee in time.
11.15 - Qualyfication
12.00 Start: Raceformat: Day, night, day with 30 min breaks between the segments
24.00 Finish (estimated)
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