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August has gone by, for some parts of the world it brought soaring heatwaves while other parts were experiencing torrential rain.
On a personal account I spend the last 4 weeks on a well deserved holliday, and believe it or not...while it was on the Adriatic seaside basking in the Montenegrian sun, or enjoying some great pasta & wine in the mountains below Modena......I did not think about slotracing at all...and it was great!!!!!
But hollidays dont last for ever, another summer has past and with September the "R" is back meaning its time to go racing.....
and there's plenty of oppertunity to do so.

Locally, down here in the "lowlands" the Dutch capital will see its first official 1/24 model car race since decades. Next week some 20 Procar M1's will be on the grid to kick of their first "official" season on the Amsterdam based Carrera track. A beautifull new 6 lane routed track has been build in Almere for the hard core sponge racers. And there's plenty activity south of the border as well. The Belgian scene going through a sort of renaisance with many ex- eurosport racers getting into modelcars.

Checking the post on the forum of the last 4 weeks its nice to see that July's "Spa doubble" race has brought forth such overwhelming enthousiasm and inspiration. Not only to those who have attended but maybe even more so to those that didn't!
I mean guys.....I even saw some attempt of Poëtry on the forum. Saw some hectic discussions on rules as well, but hey somethings apparently never is after all but slotracing. But al least you've guys been busy while I was away. Entry fees via Paypall, 18 entries...I'm impressed.
And all this while I was away...I can almost retire knowing that the LMC will keep on going...just kidding.

"Slotteurs sans Frontiers"
Anyhow surf the web and besides our little corner of the globe, you'll find modelcar events and series are being organised all over the world.
Germany "heartland of modelcar racing" leads the way with several events held every weekend, our own "Return to Spa" race being just one of the many.

"September: Plafit rules"
Danmark how ever will kick's off the autum season with the Danish Plafit Championship mid september. Following the same format as the German event organised for so many years by Kurt Petri and crew.
Unlike good wine the slotrace format does travel well as the danes are expecting some 80+ entrants.
The DPM held at the end of the month will still be bigger though, bigger than ever actually. With more 150 racers, some coming from as far as Japan, the German Plafit Masters has become one of the most competitive events in the modelcar world.

"International Modelcars from strenght to strenght"
The Imca worlds will be next up, and they too have an entry list that is on one of the highest levels since many years. Good facilities in a nice Hotel and a brand new track will ensure that all the work that Jean Pierre van Rossem has done will be rewarded by what he loves most; a great and competitive event.
He may have missed out on its planned showcase race on the Champs Elysee, but with the new F430 format it looks like IMCA will go from strenght to strenght.

On the other sides of the globe, Mark Campbell is pushing like hell to bring the Canadian scene up to parr with initiatives for an Pan American Championship and a reanactment of the "70" IROC series and in South Africa All Paterson finally seems to have found a good formula that works locally, bringing live to a 1/24 modelcar scene that was struggling to survive for so long.
From Toronto to Cape town, from Scandianvia to Japan...... the "international" 1/24 modelcar scene is alive and kicking!

with kind regards: Tamar
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