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The midsummer FIA GT Spa doubble resulted in overwhelming enthousiasm and inspiration. Not only to those who have attended but maybe even more so to those that didn't! So it was only a matter of time before we would go back. When the entries for the race opened 2 month ago, 18 teams subscribed within 10 days. To allow all those teams to participate a slightly different format will be used for the event this weekend.

Program FIA GT Spa Revisited
Here you'll find the provisional timetable for the Spa Revisited event and general info on the Location and Sleeping accomodation.
The whole event will span 2 days starting on Saturday afternoon with a free practice session and ends on Sunday evening.
18 teams with 36 drivers is a lot cars and people to manage properly, keep happy and make sure that each team can practice and run the whole nine yards during the race. Which is why there are some changes to the race format and a serious need to keep to the timeschedule. We wil also ask each team to give a helping hand when things need to be done to keep the event running properly.
Dont forget...its you guys that will determine wheter this event will be as succesfull as last summer's doubble.
So please read the information below carefully....and if you have questions don't hesitate to post on the forum!

Saturday Oct. 13th @ Spa Francorchamps, Alsdorf, Germany
14:00 - 15:00hrs: Build up
Preparation of the Track, Pits & Paddock area and hardware (all help greatly appreciated). The track braids will be cleaned, grip added to the track if needed.
Free Practice 15:00 - 19:00
Optional but very advisable, best way to get to know the track and determine your car set-up. A Team that takes part in Saturday's Free practice session will not be able to use the Sunday morning free practice session.

19:30 - 20:00hrs: Hand out Race Motor & Wheels, T.C , Parc Ferme Saturday teams
To make sure that we can start early on sunday morning those Teams that participated in the Saturday Free practice will recieve their Hand out Race Motor & Wheels and must mount them in the enclosed zone. After Technical inspection the cars will be placed in the Parc ferme overnight. These cars will start in the first Warm up session(s) on Sunday morning! Ideally we would like all 18 teams pass T.C on Saturday, but we need only six teams to start the first warm up heat.
20:30 - Close down track
With the cars in Parc fermé there's plenty of time to do some bowling or grab a bite at one of the many restaurants in Alsdorf.

Sunday Oct.14th @ Spa Francorchamps, Alsdorf, Germany
08:00 - 09:00hrs: Free Practice hrs
For those who could not make it to the track on Saturday. Only one car/driver p/team is allowed on the track att all times.
Teams that practiced Saturday are excluded from this session

09:00hrs: Race breefing
Official Start of the Event, so all teams must be present as Tamar says "Lissen carefully I vill only say zis wanze!" Any questions you might have..this is your last chance!

09:30hrs: Warm up, Handout race materials & TC Sunday teams
The Sunday Warm-up is one of the new features of the FIA GT event. It gives all teams the oppertunety to test thier handout materials and at the same time ensures that all teams have equal amount of time to run them in. The teams will be divided in 3 heats, Teams that took part in the saturday Free practice starting in the first heat. Each Warm-up session has 15 min of track time (6 x 2,5 min p/lane) and will run according to a normal lane-change format.
Work on the cars during warm up is allowed only in the Hot pit during track time. After each sesion the cars must return to the Parc ferme.

Durning the the first Warm up heat those Teams that participated in the Sunday Free practice session will recieve their Hand out Race Motor & Wheels and must mount them in the enclosed zone.
After Technical inspection their cars will be placed in the Parc ferme .
These teams will start in the second or third Heat.

09:30hrs: Heat 1 (2,5 min p/lane)
09:55hrs: Heat 2 (2,5 min p/lane)
10:25hrs: Heat 3 (2,5 min p/lane)

11:00 hrs: Qualification
The second new FIA/ GT feature one that will add more "realism" to Qualifying. Instead of teams qualifying of one by one, and losing lots of track time, Qualification will be done in 3 heats where 6 cars will be on the track at the same time. Each Qualification heat has 15 min of track time (6 x 2,5 min p/lane) and will run according to a normal lane-change format.
Ranking of the qualification will be done based on the fastest laptime done by a team during the qualifying sessions.
Work on the cars during Qualifying up is allowed only in the Hot pit during track time. After each sesion the cars must return to the Parc ferme.

11:00hrs: Heat 1 (2,5 min p/lane)
11:25hrs: Heat 2 (2,5 min p/lane)
11:55hrs: Heat 3 (2,5 min p/lane)

12:20 hrs: Classification & Concourse
After the qualifying heats are done all cars are placed on the pit straight. As the teams judge the cars for the Concourse d'elegance, the Race direction has time to do the qualification results.

12:45hrs: Endurance Run 1
Back to basics, nothing new here, teams are divided into 3 heats with the fastest qualifiers starting in heat 3 etc etc.
Work on the cars during the Endurance up is allowed only in the Hot pit during track time.
All teams will have to change their tyres before the end of their heat.
After they've raced the cars must return to the Parc ferm and each team has one heat Marshall duty (heat 3 marshall's heat 1)
Ranking of the first Run will be done based on the number of laps done by a team during the whole heat.

12:45 hrs: Heat 1 (10 min p/lane)
14:00 hrs: Heat 2 (10 min p/lane)
15:15 hrs: Heat 3 (10 min p/lane)

16:15hrs: Endurance Run 2
Same story as in Run 1
16:30hrs: Heat 1 (10 min p/lane)
17:45hrs: Heat 2 (10 min p/lane)
19:00hrs: Heat 3 (10 min p/lane)

20:30hrs: Classification & Award Ceremony
20:15 - 20:30hrs Clean up and Classification
20:30 - 20:45hrs Award Ceremony
21:00 - ?????hrs Wine, Dine and chit chat with Friends

Photo's courtesey of Joseph

FIA GT Race @ Alsdorf; Event Details and General Info
Titanic Bowling Center Alsdorf
Rathausstrasse 38-40
Main Entrance in Otto Weiss strasse
52477 Alsdorf
Tel.: 02404 - 6757911, Fax: 02404 - 6757912

The Titanic Bowling has its own big Parking garage so we advice everybody to park there, most Hotels are really within walking distance.
Entrance to the parking is in the Rathausstrasse 38-40 at the back of the Titanic Bowling building

Sleeping Accomodation:
There are 3 hotels in walking distance of the race track, and last summer the Bad boys team parked their Camper in front of the building:

Appartement Hotel Corso:
Von Harff Strasse 19, 52477 Alsdorf, +49 2404 90810
Their double rooms are Euro 50 per night (without breakfast) (25 per person per night).

Hotel Corso:
Burgstrasse 30, 52477 Alsdorf, +49 2404 9040 -
According to their web site they'll charge the same as the above appartment hotel: Euro 50 per night per double room without breakfast.

Hotel Rathaus:
Hubertusstrasse 8, 52477 Alsdorf, +49 2404 579570 -
They are right next to the race track and according to their web site offer single, double and tripple rooms with breakfast (Euro 40/70/85) or w/out breakfast (Euro 35/65/80).
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