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The Audi R8 LMS is already the fifth model in the Scaleauto 1/24 range. As usual Scaleauto first releases their new cars as a "white kit". First thing that you'll notice as you unwrap the bare bodyshell is how well Scaleauto has managed to capture the brutal shapes and lines of the R8 LMS GT3. The injection molded plastic body has a wall thickness of 0.8 mm, is light, flexible and well proportioned. Besides the main body shell the kit has such a large amount of detail parts, that you'd almost expect to find an assembly sheet.
At times can be a bit of a puzzle to see where exactly which part should go. The advantage is that all parts can be sprayed easily, individually, and in the right color.

Heavyweight detail
The interior is well detailed with, as we've become accustomed of Scale Auto, various hard plastic parts that are to be mounted on a vacformed tray. Behind that plate must for the Audi R8 two parts placed it (center) engine compartment further detail. All these details are of course again some consequences for the weight of the Audi body that 64.5 g of the heavier in the Scale Auto range belongs. As usual brings Scale Car for the Audi R8 n Lightweight kit (SC-7906) from.

Bodypaint for the White Bodies
The advantage of a white kit will be clear, they are cheap, at least for the manufacturer (to produce), and to a lesser extent for the slotter (to buy). There's a tenner or two difference in price between a Whitekit (around 90 ) and RTR painted car (around 110 ). But if you add the costs of paint and some decals, they're about equally expensive. But at least you have plenty of liveries to choose from. The images below are just a selection of the Audi R8 LMS decal-sets you can order via the German website .

For those annoying chores like painting the window frames black has some nifty black adhesive stickers. Currently only for the Porsche, BMW and SLS, but it will not be long before the Audi and Jaguar will be added to the range.

Bling bling under the body
The chassis, which like all other white kits comes already pre-assembled, is another novelty. The Audi R8 LMS is the first RTR Scaleauto who's chassis parts are made of a new glimmering material.
The main plate chassis, front axle subframe, guideholder and body mountplates are made of a 1.5 mm thick nickel plated metal. Same goes for the Bodymounts and the H-plate but these are thinner (1mm).
most obvious reason for this change of material is the feedback that Scaleauto got form the racers on the lack of rigidity of the old chassis. At first glance the new parts are indeed stiffer, but the chassis has also gained 6gr. in total weight.

Furthermore, the Audi has new black screws, new Gears and pinion and new alloy wheels, but then again most slot racers are likely to exchanged those for a set of Procomp 3's asap.

Audi R8 LMS not a sprinter?
Last but not least, the R8 is also equipped with a different engine, the SC26 Endurance replaces the usual SC25 Sprinter. According to the specs, the SC-26 has got 1000 rpm more than the Sprinter motor, with equal torque but less magna-traction.

Audi R8 LMS under the Dutch Technical Regulations Scale Auto 1/24GT
As with all Scaleauto that have been released this year, the Audi has been added to the Technical Regulations . Same goes for the chassis components in the new material .
For Dutch Scaleauto competitions only the interior tray (dashboard, steering driver's seat molded as one part) of the Lightweight kit (SC-7906) will be allowed. This deliveres a weight saving of approximately 6gr. On the tray the rollcage and engine detail must be mounted. Lexan windows are not yet permitted.
I'm curious how the Audi R8 performance will relate to the other Scale Auto GTs.
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