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This website was created at the turn of the century....the twentieth Century.
A lot has changed in the online world since then...which you will definitely notice once you start browsing the site...
...because, besides a minor upgrade in the mid zero's, this website has not.

This Site is not Mobile device friendly (as it was built way before Smartphone and Tablets) This Site has no hot links to Facebook, Instagram Snapchat et all. Posting images and articles still requires some work.

On the plus side
This site will not collect your data on your personal preferences (its to dumb to do so)
This site will not show Google ads for commercial gain (because we're to dumb to do so)
This site still has that one article you were looking for...from 2004 ;)

Please see, treat and use this website like a period Sportscar: It still looks good, it still performs good, but its not on par with the latest technology...which is not always a bad thing ;)

It still does what it was designed to do so, share info between those who want to communicate.

Amsterdam, NL 1995, "top of the line" racing with 1/32 Ninco DTM in the modified class. Funny how life can come full circle

Time for a change
There will be some changes made to the site in the coming weeks. Where in the past the site focussed mainly on 1/24 slot cars, the Events & Championships we (co) organised. The new focus will be broader, but with a stricter selection. Items on the site will still focus on Sportscars, expanded to any (slot race) scale be it 1:64, 1:43, 1:32, 1:28 and 1:24. It may even expand to RC scales (1:10, 1:8, 1:4)
... as long as they are to scale..and respect and where possibly replicate 1/1 motorsport.

From left to right: HO Scale at ACAR, FOLM 1/43 Proxy race, 1/32 Digital Le Mans 24hrs, 1/28 Kyosho Gr C, 1/24 Procar series, 1/10 RC Mad Mike Drifcars and last but not least 1/5 RC "Down Under". It really does not matter which scale you choose to race your sportscar. With a bit of time and effort you can make them all go fast...and look like the "real deal"!!!

Our focus will not be on news, hot topics etc etc. There are far better instant platforms that provide this service.
This site will try to provide an Archive of interesting articles that you may want to read...without having to dig deep in a long thread of posts order to find it back. Like a kind of "Readers Digest" if you can still remember what that means ;)

Headlines & Articles and how you can contribute to them.
As an example of what that could look like I have pulled some articles from the site archives and added some that had been posted on other platforms. As you can see the main language this site will communicate in will be English. But if you check the forum on this site there are sub fora for post in French and German.
Should you want to post content, build reports, news of a Scale Sportscar event on this site: The forum will be your best tool to do so.
The Site administrators will act like Magazine Editors and can take a forum post and promote it into a full article.

Note: All previous data on 1:24 slot cars and the results off all events (dating back to 2003) will be preserved and remain accessible.

with kind regards

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