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  First shakedown Porsche 's 2014 LMP1
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Just days after Audi and Toyota did there trail runs at the 2013 LM 24hrs Testday, Timo Bernhard gave Porsche's 2014 LMP1 contender a first shake down on the Weissach test track. Its been a long long time since Porsche's competed for top honours at Le Mans. Had they not left the LMP1 scene in 1999 Audi's stunning track winning streak might have had some more gaps apart from the few Bentley/Pug victories.

But even in this dazzling camouflage livery, its obvious that the boys from Weissach have taken quite a few design from the Ingolstad gang. I mean besides the evident windowstreamer, had the heading been Audi's R19 first shakedown of 2014 LMP1...I would have bought it. Its realy to bad that current LMP rules are so restrictive, forcing all design into the same uniform mould. Scaleracers who eventually are going to build this version of the car are in for one hell off a decal job ;) Full article on
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